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Brad Rosser

Brad Rosser

Brad's unique insight into the secrets of successfully growing start-ups and young businesses is applicable not only to the entrepreneur about to launch their venture but also to the owner of a young business looking to take their business to the next level and the corporate manager who is looking to launch a new venture, brand, or product.

Brad has learned the secrets of start-ups success through both working for some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs and also from his own highly successful ventures. After gaining a first class degree and then a masters at just 24 Brad was working alongside Australia's most successful entrepreneur (and national icon), Alan Bond, and the nation's best deal maker, Peter Beckwith.

After leaving Bond Corporation, Brad joined the London office of McKinsey & Co, the world's most prestigious management consultancy. Brad then became a part of the inner sanctum at Virgin as Sir Richard Branson's right-hand man, dealing with all new start-ups. This was a pivotal time for Virgin as it embarked on an aggressive campaign to enter new industries.

Since leaving Virgin, Brad has become a successful serial entrepreneur, most recently founding the "BetterStrongerFaster Group".

Over the last 20 years Brad has raised more than 1 billion in funding for start-ups and has nurtured and ultimately sold businesses with values ranging from several million to hundreds of millions of pounds.

In addition to running his own successful ventures, Brad’s a regular speaker at business start-up events and an ambassador for "Enterprise Week".